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Toussaint Louverture: the First Black Man

By Danel Homméus on September 1, 2013 in Books, Succcess, The 4 Ps

The first black manLet’s look at the history of a great man of the eighteenth century who made history and was recognized as a genius; people thought of him as the world’s first rank black man. This man was born a black slave who grasped the opportunity to learn to read French as a child. Later on, he would master it, a sign of his intelligence, and join elite society in the colony of St. Domingo. He was born in 1743 on the plantation Bréda in the north of what is now Haiti. Due to his genius, strong leadership, and, most importantly, his implementation of the 4 Ps, he was able to unlock every door encountered. He was given the name Louverture, which means opening. A name he gained because of his strategy of opening any enemies’ military obstacles.

How about you? No matter your race or origin, you can’t visualize yourself in any form or matter to a slave in the traditional sense—with chains on your legs, and having to start working early in the morning, finishing very late at night with only a very short pause at midday, and subject to a Code that makes you the asset of your owner. Despite your past, you’re still the captain of your own destiny and you have the power to become almost anything you want with the right attitude. In the Internet age, you have more opportunities to make a difference and to succeed than all those Toussaint Louverture could have encountered put together.

The message of this book, especially in this case study, is a wake-up call. I want you to be aware of the fact that the world has dramatically changed, and your habits need to change to reflect this. Toussaint fought for great values, especially freedom, one of the most important and greatest assets in the world. I hope that you remember this.

Cells vs. Success

Do you know what human cells and success have in common?

A cell is defined as: the basic structural and functional unit of any living thing. Each cell is a small container of chemicals and water wrapped in a membrane. There are one hundred trillion cells in a human, and each contains all of the genetic information necessary to manufacture a human being. So a human cell is not the human being; it is the tiniest and smallest living structure within us. Despite its small size, each cell is essential to the whole person: each cell is vital in making us who we are.

In the same regard, each small step toward a goal is a small success. This small success means more when you take the pleasure and passion in doing it. For this I share the point of Confucius who said in The Analects: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” It’s certain that these small successes will allow you to reach your goal. You can’t expect to really reach your goal without the fulfillment of each step along the way. I emphasize the relationship between success and happiness, because in the end, who you become or what you achieve won’t really serve you if you aren’t happy.

I’ll never be tired of speaking about the magic and life-changing aspects of the 4 Ps. After researching truly successful people for years, including the great Toussaint Louverture, I came to the conclusion that the 4 Ps are the key to reaching an authentic stage of limitless success. I believe that you will, too, when you implement them.

You might have heard repeatedly that nature, like human beings, deserves to reach the stage of limitlessness. You can achieve this process; just look at the garden, the sky, or the sun, just to name a few. Success, in the same way, is natural when you have a plan and work constantly to make it a reality. Even though your plan might not proceed as you imagined, you should accept this is a normal; nature doesn’t always act in the ways we expect. Be proactive and anticipate barriers; this will reduce any possible damage. Ultimately, your difficulties are learning opportunities.

Even now, the billions and billions of cells that make you who you are function according to hidden procedures. Naturally, as a creature of divine nature, these internal processes are part of our fundamental constitution. Think about it!

There’s no surprise that it’s easier to complete tasks when you have a series of specific steps guiding you. All things being equal, an efficient procedure or plan is the difference between the amateur and the professional. When you look for an expert or a professional, you expect that person to carry out a particular procedure. You’re not looking for a quick fix. I feel blessed by the strength and power of the 4 Ps, and I am grateful that I have been able to share them with others. After all, what I teach you here is more than an easily forgettable lesson. I’ve revealed to you an attitude, a style of living that will allow you to strategically take control of your life.
Even if your wheels spin, you don’t have to reinvent them. Your greatest master is nature—your own experiences and your body—so take time to study yourself and to learn. The cell taught us a golden lesson of life: the ability to stay organized and structured in even the smallest tasks. It’s all part of achieving your goal.


An excerpt from the upcoming book The 4 Ps: How these Four Pillars of Success Will Change Your Life.

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