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The Day That Changes My Life…

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” —Confucius


This is Danel; welcome to the world of the 4 Ps!

As the founder of The4Pillarsofsuccess.com and author of “The 4 Ps: How these Four Pillars of Success Will Change Your Life”, I have dedicated my best self to writing this blog in order to serve, discuss, give guidance, and add value to you, dear reader, on the topics of leadership, management, entrepreneurship, personal development, social issues, and any other relevant subjects which I have found to be critical and urgent while using T\the 4 Ps as the baseline. All of the insights and guidance given on this platform are based on the philosophy of giving in the hope of making the world a better place, or at least contributing to helping you have a better experience and making you better off. In the long run, such activity will impact positively in sharpening my own skills and expertise in these fields.

 I’m wondering…

How can I serve you more? How can my learning help you experience a better life? My mission is to inspire and give you guidance through the content published on this blog.

How the story starts out?

I’m a great student of the School of Life. My setbacks and failures have been great opportunities to learn its many lessons. Sometimes, they offer a unique occasion to improve and move faster to the next level.

Have you ever had an experience that changed your life? The kind of experience that doesn’t happen frequently or hardly happens for some of us, but you experience it anyway. My case was the earthquake of the January 12, 2010, and it truly changed my life.

After that catastrophe, when I began assessing my life, I ended up at the peak of a sad truth. Despite big dreams and goals, I wasn’t even cognizant of my blindness. Not in the literal sense of being naturally impaired, but my initial dream wasn’t big enough to encompass my community. The earthquake opened my eyes, and since then as a good student, I have dedicated myself to helping, advising, coaching, and adding value to people with whom I interact directly or indirectly online and offline.

This is a human path, THE path some of us have to experience to start living purposefully in order to make a difference.Excellence

The path taken:

Along my journey, I completed my study of Business Management as quickly as I could at Port-au-Prince University. I measured my strengths and weaknesses and quit Penn Foster College to begin studying at Madonna University (for a Bachelor of Science and Leadership Community in Sept., 2011). I started with several great projects with the idea of serving and reaching more people as a benevolent. I launched this blog in May of 2013 and had the book “The 4 Ps” published in December of the same year.

Recently, I graduated with honors (May 4th, 2014) from Madonna University in Livonia (Michigan, USA) to join in the search for a meaningful and purposeful life. We’re never too young to be taught great wisdom. I learned that it requires great courage and discipline to finish anything started, but I truly began experiencing a new life when I came to understand that some of our projects won’t ever be complete–the let it go mindset. As the captain of your life, it’s critical to stay focused and keep assessing and prioritizing. In this world, a great idea is not enough;
very often you will have to refer to or lean upon at least one of the 4 Ps of success to be fueled and move forward.

Shortly as we’re becoming older

Throughout our lives, we human beings have some great decisions to make that define and shape us over the five, six, seven, or even eight decades that complete the circle of life for most of us on this planet.

Most of them have a college degree or a technical school diploma. We have gotten married or not, had children or not, found or dedicated ourselves to a career path, contributed and leveraged the community… and it all was not easy. But these decisions most often are necessary to give meaning and sense to the way we live.

Consider it “as if”

Each day is an opportunity to be more present, and to contribute and add value. What if I have one life to live? What if I have only today to make aLike a whole family difference? What if I have just this moment, right now, to tell you the truth and impact your life? I consider that I have one chance throughout my existence to make a difference. I can’t mess with your time and I can’t afford to miss this opportunity. It’s like a reciprocal benefit on my journey: my satisfaction is to see you satisfied by what I can deliver as my best.

On that journey, I own your respect to stop by and pay attention to me. Let’s sit together like a family with the confidence to let the cat out of the bag and discuss in this blog or on other venues (books, social media…) what I have to talk about—the things that matter to you and to the community for the advancement of human kind.

Thank you,



The 4 Ps


Make today the experience of The 4 Ps!!!

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