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Experience The 4 Ps Today

The paperback laydown


Today is a great day and I’m honored that you have chosen to experience The 4 Ps!

I have great news for you at the end of this message, so keep reading.

I wrote this book in about 3 months and spent a year and a half rewriting it, conducting constant and deep research on the most advanced tools and techniques that lead to success-including what makes some people experience it in their lives while others struggle to make a living. This book holds the keys to these questions.

Today, you hold in your hands one of the most powerful, thought-provoking books: The 4 Ps. I believe it will change your life perspective, so be ready for change. As I usually say, there’s no real progress without change. Then today is the day to start aiming higher: “You have been created to achieve a high standard of living; you represent perfection in its divine sense…”

Everyone deserves a successful life; so do you, dear reader of The 4 Ps.

The opportunities you want are just outside your comfort zone.

Now is the time to experience The 4 Ps, and I strongly believe the teachings and lessons will help make a better you each day.



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Praise for The 4 Ps

“The 4 Ps” is the most amazing book I’ve ever read, it changed my life, it makes me understand that I should not bow in front of people just because they asked me to but that I should give respect and trust to everyone. The stories that lie behind this book are the reality of every single person’s life; despite the life struggling, we still want something meaningful as our achievement. The 4 Ps show me not to let people manipulate me. On the contrary, I should always stand up for myself and believe in my dreams.”

Regine Dessalines

“I enjoyed reading this book and believe I will be turning to it from time to time for more insights and advice. When things go wrong, you really need help from someone who has been there. Danel Hommeus is one who knows the reality of the struggles people go through trying to find success, wealth, and happiness—not to mention love! These form a tall order but I, for one, would like to embark on his journey. I have rated it highly because of the strong content. There are interesting parallels with famous people that you can readily identify with. The meat of the book consists of the “four pillars” and I appreciate his explanation and personal take on them. There is also a strong section on Toussaint Louverture that knocked me out. More than just an add-on, the bonus quotes at the end are icing on the cake. All in all, it gets you in the mood to start filling out the questionnaires and facing your life as it is–and how it can be with the book’s help.”

C. Kotrozo


 Today is the day to experience The 4 Ps, available for you in the major eStores in the world.

Buy on Amazon.com and start experiencing another level of success!

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